Hello and welcome to my home.  I am located in Kingsland, TX, a small town in the Hill Country. I was a new comer to this beautiful area. 12 years now. Not like the desert area I came from in Nevada where grass and trees were few.  Beautiful Oaks, lots of grass and flowers with rolling hills and lakes. What a beautiful change.    I have been showing since the 70's in conformation, also handling other breeds as well and obedience.  I have a boarding and grooming business here in the Hill Country.  Have been grooming for over 50 years.  I have worked for vets most of my life and still assist at times.

I have been in this fabulous breed since the late 60's.  I started out with a beautiful bitch named Lady. I waited for two years to get her.  She was a wonderful dog and so intelligent which of course this breed is.  She worked our horses and looked after my daughter when she was small.  At age 6 years she went through obedience and in only three shows got her CD.  I got my second bitch Be Be and she too was so smart and a good worker. She began our breed ring showing.  Both of these bitches never saw a baby till my daughter was born and they were 6 years old and took over as if it was old hat.  They baby sat, letting their selves be pulled on, teeth examined and what ever else a toddler could come up with, and never complained a bit.  This is what I love about this breed.  I then came across a beautiful male 11 months old, Cowboy, he to became my daughters sitter, following her as she rode her pony and later on her horse till his passing.  During his short show career he took several WD and a BOB in ASCA.   I also had two beautiful bitches from the Storybook line.    Funny now looking back, they said Aussie's would be AKC within the next 5 years.  Well that came and went.  But of course, several years later, they are now AKC as well.

Even though I have had different breeds as well, I must say there is nothing that can compare to an Aussie!     I strive to breed lines which seem to have little or no problems as I don't want to see this beautiful breed end up as so many others with so many problems that they just can't make a come back.  All my dogs are OFA Hips and Elbows and Eyes are checked yearly.   They also have full genetic panel done.  My puppies and adults are fed like you would want to eat, eggs, cheese, veggies, cottage cheese, milk replacements, vitamins, calcium and what ever else they need to be as healthy as can be.  They also are fed raw and puppies are weaned on raw.
My puppies are sold with a health guarantee and utd on shots and worming and vet health check and their eyes are checked before leaving.  
   I now own two wonderful Havanese girls, they are just family pets.  They joined my family in 2005.  What a fun loving, entertaining breed.  They fit in well with the Aussies.  I also have a lovely Chihuahua Longcoat who is my new heart dog.  She is first and foremost my companion but she has hit the show ring as well.  Her little buddy is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff that a dear friend gave me.
I hope you enjoy your visit here at Hug-Me Kennels!
                 Thank you for coming!

I am a dog breeder. I spend a lifetime learning pedigrees, going over dogs, talking and learning from those in my breed and those outside it. I raise each litter as if I gave birth to them and spend an equal amount of time finding them loving forever homes. I only put puppies on this planet that I think will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and nicest examples of their breed. I support .........each family who chooses one of my puppies and let them know they are now a part of our extended family. I am there if one needs to come back and will aggressively pursue the return of one of my dogs if its in the wrong place. I support my breed in rescue and education. I hold them when they arrive and leave this world, not only my own, but my brethren in the fancy. I share my knowledge and socialize my dogs so that they will be the advertisement for my dedication.
I don't keep track of the money and time I put in to my love of dogs, it would not be true measure of how I feel. I support my friends in the fancy, because it takes a village sometimes and only WE know how things are for us.
The price I charge for my puppies is never profit, but investment in the next generation. I will not be ashamed of who I am, I work hard at being a good dog person and encouraging others to be the same. I am a breeder and I am proud of it.

Lady my first Aussie
Lazor and Alley